Monday, September 23, 2013

Review of "The World as Metaphor" in Musil-Forum

 Todd Ceseratto has written a review of my book for the new Musil-Forum
Unfortunately for most of you interested readers it is in German. Jim Walker, the book's editor, has translated this passage for you non-German speakers: "The World as Metaphor offers . . . a worthy contribution to international Musil research. Grill obtains with it the rare status of a researcher who at one and the same time explains a thesis and carries it out in her own writing. For her painstaking work in the archive the study earns the particular praise and interest of those who want to concern themselves more deeply with the canonical works of modernism such as The Man without Qualities." In full disclosure I have to admit that there was a parenthesis where the ellipses is which contained a wee "despite this and that," but that is what ellipses are for, no?  Keep 'em coming! I am strong and hearty and can bear all sorts of pricks, prods, reservations and calumnies!


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